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Review of "Code Purple" By Mr. Steve Peck


Review of "Code Purple" by Steve Peck

Andrew Neil's debut album "Code Purple" should appeal to fans of contemporary "Outsider" or "Loner" folk with its spare musical backing and thought provoking lyrics. "Outsider" probably is the more apt term since "Loner Folk" usually connotes a depressed singer expressing their sadness about being alone, failed relationships, and lack of a promising future. While Andrew's lyrics may touch on that, he utilizes a much wider spectrum of imagery and subject matter than the self-absorbed depression of loner folk. 

Liner Notes for "Code Purple - Andrew Neil" by: Jim Abbott


“A Miracle” by: Jim Abbott (Author of Jackson C. Frank, A Clear Hard Light of Genius)

This Album you are holding in your hands is what some might call a miracle.

Several years ago, Andrew Neil Maternick, all-star lacrosse goalie and West Point plebe, was firmly on a course for great things. But it was not to be, as Andrew dropped out of West Point and headed back to northern Virginia, and home, a young man without a plan, with the psychic weight of disappointment on his still strong shoulders.   

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