Andrew Neil

"Code Purple - Andrew Neil", All Songs Witten By Andrew Neil (Maternick)

A1: “Animals In Zoos” (Dec 2014)
Just fill my damn prescription
so I can kill my damn fiction
That’s how it use to be
But now I’m free
Sounds too…
Good to be true
Should I blame you?
For how I came into this zoo
They hate my noise
and they hate my voice
So what’s the poison of my choice?
My daily bread makes me like myself
And when I’m dead
you can fight for my wealth
Cuz we’re just animals in zoos
Different channels Same news
We’re just animals in zoos
We light our candles and play the blues
Zoo keeper Is a sleeper
When we hear the snooze
We lose our fear and live the blues
We’re just animals in zoos