Andrew Neil

Code Purple - Andrew Neil 180 gram Vinyl - 180 gram Vinyl (LP)

180 gram vinyl with a gatefold sleeve.... limited to only 300 copies of this unique and wonderful Album.  Please go to Contact Page and contact us directly to purchase the Vinyl edition.  

“This is not easy music.  Tough topics, ugly situations, told with an almost child-like wonder at times.  This album (“Code Purple”) is just the beginning for Andrew Neil.  And unlike most of the songs by bi-polar musicians, or depressed songwriters, which lean towards being almost morose, Andrew gives us a glimmer of hope and light. Much of his success in "escaping" the confines of the mental hospital can be credited to his amazingly upbeat acceptance of both his condition and the fact that he has options, one of which has been to make the conscious decision to help others, to help them to see their own glory, and to understand that to be mentally ill is not the scarlet letter that it once was. Most importantly, he knows that there need not be any stigma attached to having a so-called "mental illness". Excerpt to Liner Notes to “Code Purple” by Mr. Jim Abbott, Author of "Jackson C. Frank, The Clear Hard Light of Genius"